SUMIRE ISHIOKAのものづくりの原点は、他にはない「一点物」という特別感を大切にしています。

The origin of SUMIRE ISHIOKA's manufacturing is the special feeling of being a unique item.
We make a unique kimono in our own atelier in Japan as an "art piece that can be worn" with the desire to spend every day in a spiritually rich way.
Upcycling efforts to utilize the "residual cloth and thread" produced in the process of manufacturing tweed kimono without discarding it have continued from the beginning of the brand. I feel that the need to take good care of things that are attached to us while devising ways in our lives is an issue that we are now looking for.
Even at the design stage, the design is simple and timeless so that you can feel the original beauty of the original textile. The material is changed without breaking the shape.
It is not a material that has been used up until now, and I think that the challenge is to connect the history of kimono and create the future. By proposing the beauty and possibilities of weaving in a form with a story, we will disseminate the philosophy learned from the kimono culture of "passing on from generation to generation" and "valuing things" to the world.